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Signage Artwork Specifications

Artwork is to be presented in a digital format, ie via email or CD.

This guide will explain the formats required.



  1. In order of preference, finished artwork is preferred as a PDF file distilled or exported to standard PDFX-1a, or an EPS file.

  2. A “High Quality Print” PDF file is acceptable.
  3. All fonts should be outlined.

  4. Colours which need to be matched should be embedded in the artwork by their PMS (Pantone Matching System) reference number where possible.
    1. To ensure high quality output, scans and bitmap images need to be at least 75dpi at their final output size.
    2. For best results, all scans should be in CMYK but RGB scans can be accepted.
  1. Finished artwork should be sent via email to




  • Convert all fonts to outline.
  • Leave any layers used in the file.
  • Do not check “Split Complex Paths” or “Compatible Gradient Printing” in document setup.
  • Document should be created and saved in native (.ai) format.


  • Text will pixelate when blown up to exhibition size, it’s recommended to use a vector program, ie: Illustrator for text.
  • Images must be at least 75dpi @ 100% print size.
  • High resolution scans are recommended for optimum quality.


  • Convert files to PDF file using Preffered Format specifications.



  • GIF files have colour limitations that make them unsuitable for quality printing. The limitations cannot be overcome by simply converting them to another format (eg: TIFF or JPEG).

  • Colour references and proofs will be matched as close as possible, however due to limitations in printing processes, some variations may occur.  If colour matching is critical, please discuss with us at the time of ordering.

  • PDF files created from MS Publisher, Word, Powerpoint or Excel files may not produce reliable results and unfortunately, cannot be accepted.




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